How silica can help for Healthy Bones And Glowing Skin

“Oh yes! My mom also went through...It has been so uncomfortable since my menopause started...Heat flashes, leg cramps, joint pain, .ummm I think it’s affecting my health!!”.. The other day I overheard this beautiful lady in her mid 50’s in a department store. Yes, how much we don’t want to experience, menopause is a natural biological process and undeniably experienced by all women.

Menopause is just more than hot flashes and period loss for many women. You don’t expect and very quietly and silently osteoporosis makes its way to you.  That back pain you never noticed earlier is one of the signs that you need to give a visit to your doctor for bone density check up. Well many of us take calcium supplements early on to avoid such conditions. But is it enough?? Research shows that calcium alone cannot increase bone density. Your bone has calcium, collagen, bone cells, calcium phosphates etc. Collagen makes your bone flexible and calcium makes it hard.  

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Do you know 75% your body is made of collagen!!!  Your hair, skin, teeth, joints, even nails have collagen. To produce healthy collagen, you need very essential nutrient - Silica.  Although you find silica everywhere in nature and in your daily life (from spatula to mobile chips), it is not directly absorbed by body. Your body needs only tiny winy bit of silica but as you age this amount reduces. And it’s quite interesting the structure of silica is quite like diamond. YOU are worth more than diamond; you will fall in love with Silica. It will give you that perfect radiant skin, beautiful shiny sleek hairs, that wonderful long rosey nails...Can you imagine??

BioActive Silicate (BAS) your new best friend and make it part of your routine health regime right now. Do check your bone density; you are definitely going to find it healthier. Can’t stop looking in the mirror right! Check out more details for BioActive Silicate HERE TODAY!!  It is mixed with water immediately and quickly absorbed by your body. Remember to use only DISTILLED WATER!


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